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DriveYourTools is the first service offering to manage the lifecycle and the traceability of your tools throughout the value chain

A global dashboard allows you to view in a synthetic way the operational status of all your tool park. Each tool has a dashboard shared with your colleagues and partners.

Content Management

A best of class ECM is present to manage all your documents, procedures, videos, photos with right access and privacy management.

Collaborative design

View and share 3D models of your tools. Make screenshots and annotate them.


Organize and plan your maintenance strategy. Define procedures in relation with your resources and skateholders. Monitor the resolution of each incident.

Project management

Oragnize tasks with your partners, assign resources, plan events relating to your tools with ease.

BOM Management

Manage for each equipment all information like the Bill of Material throughout the life cycle and keep a single source of truth for all your stakeholders.

Secure access

Invite and manage your partners to collaborate on your tool securely and stay permanently informed of their contributions.


Equipped with NFC tags, the tools followed are identified and located arround the world. API\’s allows PLM, ERP and CMMS connections.


A risk management for each of the stakeholders throughtout the life cycle of your equipments
A social business platform for industrial equipments

DriveYourTools is a innovative platform for traceability and management of the lifecycle of a park of equipment and industrial tools . The movement of specialization and concentration observed in the various industrial is characterized by the outsourcing of activities and competencies deemed non-strategic.

This process of transformation of enterprises leads to turn a necessary approximation of the various specialists involved in the process of the production apparatus.

The significant amount of equipment in operation, their life expectancy that can extend beyond 20 years, just as the multiplication of stakeholders throughout the value chain makes it virtually impossible for anyone to have, in real-time, a synthetic and exhaustive understanding of their operational, financial and customs conditions.

  • Value chain

    DriveYourTools allows you to consolidate, with all of your partners, information for each of your tools.

  • Knowledge

    Geolocate easily all your tools wherever they are among your producers, makers or logisticians.

  • Security & privacy

    DriveYourTools manages all information of your tools in all confidentiality.

  • Permanent access

    DriveYourTools is cross-platform and runs on both PC, tablet and smartphone.

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Jean-François Plusquellec, is a computer engineer in charge of the technical-functional convergence of DriveYourtools. He led a career with Renault Sport F1 to support the redesign and integration of PLM and ERP sytems.
Hugo Pommier, holds a PhD Degree in computer science. In charge of development, he ensures technical results and aims to bring the best solutions to meet the requirements and industrial constraints (architecture, security, performance, and availability).
Hervé Cadenne, graduated in law and business administration, led a career as a company manager in computer science and mechanics sectors. Hervé is in charge of animation and with the business sectors and industrial promotion.

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